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Sep. 25th, 2013 01:25 am
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let's do a thing!
• comment with your character. pick a respondent. any situation, any time.
first meetings, fighting together, first dates, whatever.
identify your universe, though! (original, au, game canon...)
• let's do a psl.
• ???
• profit!!
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And pets because they just keep increasing:
Lucina: Marth ♂ (blue fire lizard), Caeda ♀ (blue chocobo)
Serah: Claire ♀ (gold fire lizard), Blaze ♂ (bronze fire lizard, Fang's), Esmerelda ♀ (green fire lizard, Rydia's),
Prin ♀ (purple chocobo), Snow ♂ (monster, Frost), Aria ♀ (monster, Siren), Undine ♀ (monster, Undine)
Sophie: Acacia ♀ (red chocobo)

code by [community profile] cawaii