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[personal profile] legendaryguardian 2012-01-21 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[Sup guys. Just lurking and observing everyone inconspicuously here.]
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[personal profile] targe 2012-01-22 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
You'll get frown lines if you keep doin' that, y'know.

[Queue a spunky Al Bhed girl. She looks rather amused.]
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[A low laugh.] I have plenty of those already.
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All the reason not to encourage anymore.

Mingling's easy if you give it a try.
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Huh. Always did keep ter the edges. [Jecht scoffs, but he's grinning. Guess who's happy to see you, Auron?]
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And you were always in the thick of things, causing chaos wherever you went. [Don't mind the dry tone, Jecht. He's happy to see you too.]
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"Chaos", huh? [He looks contemplative.] Yer get involved if you want ter help others. How else yer gonna do it?
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[Salsa is currently emptying the contests of a treasure chest. Not just any treasure chest: it's almost twice the size of her.

Steal/assist/ask what she's doing?]
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[personal profile] sadsouls 2012-01-22 01:42 am (UTC)(link)
[And here comes March. She's fairly used to her twin sister's antics, but given the size of the chest-]

Salsa, what are you doing? Where did you get such a big chest from?
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[Salsa turns around and pulls a face.] Duh, lookin' for the pirates treasure! Seriously, the things that came ouf of yer mouth sometimes, March...

[She shakes her head, muttering to herself. Then she shrugs.] Dunno. Y'know, it was kinda just here when I got here. So I decided to go through it.
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[March looks worried, clasping her hands together.] ... are you sure it's a good idea to go through it? I mean, if you simply found it lying around, might it not be a trap?

[personal profile] salsa 2012-01-22 07:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Except if they knew that's what we'd think, so they didn't trap it. You need to think these things through fully.
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Really? I'm not so sure...

[March shakes her head.] Well, I guess there really is one way to find out.
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Precisely. Treasure has nothin' on the guardians of Agogo Forest!

[Digging through the contests of that chest a little more now, things flying everywhere. Watch out, March. Sorry if anything hits you.]
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[For the beady eyed, you might spot Arrietty trying her hardest to keep out of sight over here. She looks kind of awed and panicked at the same time. There's so many human beans!]
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[Ranulf has to hand it to her, Arrietty is very good at the hiding thing. Unfortunately for her, Ranulf has the bonus of animalistic traits. Sure, his eyes are nowhere near as good as hawk, but they're better than a beorc. And his smell is excellent. He noticed her presence a long time ago.

Ranulf himself has been lazing against a tree, his tail swishing back and forth behind him, as he watches Arrietty's progress towards said tree. He has his arms folded, unblinking, watching her start to make her way up the tree.]

You might not want to try that branch.
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[Seriously, mun, doing something is such hard work. Why do we have to do something? Ammy doesn't want to do something. Ammy is too busy having a nap. Priorities, people.]
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[Applejack has yet to notice she's kind of the only talking equine - talking animal - present. She's busy with her apple trees that have cropped up here with her, until she notices the wolf sleeping just outside of the field. Of course, she's unphased by animals, so just approaches. It's just a dozing white wolf, afterall.]

That's a might interestin', the way those flowers are growing round ya there.
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[Ammy lets out a questioning bark without opening her eyes, before she lifts up her head to look at....

... a pony.

Well, that's different. That attracts her attention a bit more, and she tilts her head as the pony continues to talk.

A pony asking her about- didn't she say something about flowers?

In response, Ammy uses her paintbrush and draws a line of flowers in between her and Applejack; as the line finishes, they spring up in the ground, only to disappear a few moments later.]
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Woah there!

[Applejack jumps backwards. Flowers don't usually appear in the ground on themselves.]

... so er, sugarcube? You didn't have anything to do with that, did ya?
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[Ammy tilts her head. Usually, no one has that kind of reaction...

Still, she ducks her head, then brings it back up again. A clear nod.]
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[Naminé has a whole flood of emotions battling for dominance on her face. Even though, of course, she's a nobody, but still... mainly, she's worried. So many unanswered questions, though she doesn't ask them to anybody.

Instead, she sits, and watches what there is of this world go by, clutching her sketchbook tightly to her chest.]
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[Where you aware the headspace had a beach and a pier, musebox?

Well, it does now.

Aigis is stood at the end of the pier, silently staring out to sea.]
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[Lightning does not do stuff on command. Lightning has spent a good deal of time trying to find the limits of this place. She's walked, and walked, and walked. She's not tired. She's not scared. She's not going to give up.

... still, she can't deny she's worried.

She's beginning to think that there isn't way to leave.

Of course, even that revolution is greeted with denial. She grits her teeth, before sitting down on a nearby rock, deciding to check her gunblade. (It's in perfect working order, of course. But don't tell her that unless you don't plan on living to see tomorrow.)]
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[Jenny's busy. Relaxing, by which of course, I mean training. Relaxing will come later.]
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[Yuna hasn't run into anyone, but she's trying to keep herself spirited. Currently, she's practicing magic, in case she needs it.]